Juur Studio is Juhani Juurik’s visual communication studio offering complete graphic design, multimedia and web design solutions in Estonia and Finland



Graphic Design

From branding and logo design to wide variety of visuals and layouts both for print and screen


Basic corporate photography, motion graphics and video editing for your social media or website

Web Design

From static HTML/CSS/JavaScript to dynamic WordPress based e-commerce website designs



Complete visual solutions

from graphic design and multimedia to social media and website design

Research-based design process

for understanding the client’s real needs and the best end-user experience (UX)

Transparent visual language

to emphasize the content and get your message across in the most meaningful way





Hey! My name is Juhani Juurik and I am trained as an anthorpologist turned into graphic designer offering visual communication services based on digital arts using mostly but not limited to Adobe Creative Cloud and Apple Pro apps. I am a passionate learner of new skills and have a strong affinity towards all forms of art, music, and visual media production. I offer cross-culturally conscious design thinking and a broad grasp of artistic and technical skills with an anthropological approach for all sorts of visual communication projects.

For the full list of my credentials and skillset visit my LinkedIn page.


Juur Studio is about helping you find your story and visualize it in the most meaningful way

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